Saturday, January 19, 2013

Robotics Team 2012-13: Strange Youngsterz

I have a team of three this year. Two freshmen, Jessi and Nathan, and one senior, Nick. So far we have had an interesting season because last semester Nick was in Bethel for classes so we had separate types of practices, some with just with the freshmen and then some practices with the entire team. The freshmen needed the time to learn the basics of FTC, the rules, the concept of gracious professionalism, and how FTC is different from FLL since they both had previously participated in FLL.

They are learning to work together as a team and bringing together their individual strengths. Nick is the head programmer and team captain. This is his year to pass the baton on to the underclassmen and the passion for robotics.

We have two and a half weeks until Regional Competition in Bethel. So we are hitting it hard in practice with long hours and as many days as possible, especially because next week there will be lots of traveling and we want to take advantage of the the days we have together.

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