Saturday, January 19, 2013

Robotics Team 2012-13: Strange Youngsterz

I have a team of three this year. Two freshmen, Jessi and Nathan, and one senior, Nick. So far we have had an interesting season because last semester Nick was in Bethel for classes so we had separate types of practices, some with just with the freshmen and then some practices with the entire team. The freshmen needed the time to learn the basics of FTC, the rules, the concept of gracious professionalism, and how FTC is different from FLL since they both had previously participated in FLL.

They are learning to work together as a team and bringing together their individual strengths. Nick is the head programmer and team captain. This is his year to pass the baton on to the underclassmen and the passion for robotics.

We have two and a half weeks until Regional Competition in Bethel. So we are hitting it hard in practice with long hours and as many days as possible, especially because next week there will be lots of traveling and we want to take advantage of the the days we have together.

Spring 2013 Class Schedule

1st Hour: Lit Lab
2nd Hour: Algebra I (VTC), Algebra I, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus (Aleks)
3rd Hour: Language Arts
4th Hour: World History
5th Hour: Biology (VTC)
6th Hour: Foods II
7th Hour: Yup'ik (VTC) with Olga

Fall Semester in Review


Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall 2012 Class Schedule

Miss Gee's Fall 2012 Class Schedule

1st hour: Lit Lab I
2nd hour: Algebra I/ Geometry
3rd hour: LA I
4th hour: World History
5th hour: Biology
6th hour: Basic Foods
7th hour: Yup'ik (my Plan Period)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Bee and Gee Show Continues….

Our elementary teacher decided to move to another school district next year so my roommate has decided to stay another year. Watch out because Miss Bee and I can really shake things up, especially together. Looking forward to next year together.

I wish Barbara the best in Chevak!! Her husband is from Chevak and this will give them the chance to be near his side of family.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Girls

Here are two pics of our girls:
CranBerry, my little muppet, and Denali, Tiffany's brat.
CranBerry is the larger of the two and looks like a Jim Henson creation.
Denali is the small, smokey black pup.

The girls have so much fun together. The girls play off-leash on the river but in the village they stay on their leashes. However, when CranBerry is off-leash outdoors she really doesn't want to play; she want to romp around and explore. We want the girls to play, so we let them roughhouse inside. They chase, bark, and play with toys. They are fierce in their play and serious about their rest. They know when it is time to stop. Most of the time they take their own breaks, but with spring's arrival they would continue late into the night if we didn't make them go to bed.

Don't let Denali's size fool you; she holds her own with CranBerry. Each girl has their own techniques for winning. If you want to come and stay with us let's just say you had better be a dog lover ; )